Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sophisticatedly Green Weekly Challenge

It's time for the weekly Sophisticatedly Green Challenge. These challenges are something that will save energy, limit or save waste, something good for the environment, or something that will save your family money. I would love suggestions and feedback!

This week's challenge is inspired by our exciting GIVEAWAY that is going on right now!  Plastic water bottles fill our landfills, today, and are littering our environment.  So, I am challenging you to use a re-usable water bottle to stay hydrated throughout the day.  This is a great habit for your sophisticatedly green family and a fabulous example to others.  Using a re-usable water bottle is a sophisticatedly green way to live green while keeping the "green" in your home!  And, if you do not have a stylish, re-usable bottle, check out KidsKonserve , the wonderful sponsor of our giveaway. They have sophisticatedly, stylish re-usable water bottles AND they are offering SGM readers a 15% discount on all of their orders in October!  Just use the code: sophisticated at checkout!  And, don't forget to enter the giveaway HERE!

We would love to hear stories about how you do with this challenge throughout the week! Whether you succeed for a day or if you are able to create a new habit share your story with the SGM community. And, most importantly, have a sophisticatedly green week!

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Lisa said...

Hi! I love this challenge (even though I'm a little late to hear about it). I actually have two reusable water bottles. They're both SIGG bottles - one big one on my desk at work and a smaller one I carry in my purse with me everywhere I go! After I bought them I heard SIGG isn't the best kind to get, but I figure they're better than using paper cups all day and buying bottled water at the store. Definitely worth the money. My husband now has one and I encourage everyone I know to get them!
Love your blog! Will definitely keep checking back to get ideas!