Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sophisticatedly Green Weekly Challenge

It's time for the weekly Sophisticatedly Green Challenge.  These challenges are something that will save energy, limit or save waste, something good for the environment, or something that will save your family money. I would love suggestions and feedback!

This week's challenge is to bring your re-usable shopping bags when you go shopping.  Whether you are running to Target for a few (or more like a cart full!) items, going to the farmers market for some fresh produce, or doing a big trip to your local Whole Foods remember to bring and use your stylish and eco-friendly bags.  This will save the environment by cutting down on the amount of trash from shopping bags and you may be rewarded with a small amount off of the total of your bill.  This is a sophisticatedly green way to live green while keeping the "green" in your home!
We would love to hear stories about how you do with this challenge throughout the week! Whether you succeed for a day or if you are able to create a new habit share your story with the SGM community. And, most importantly, have a sophisticatedly green week!

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