Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Perfect Cold Weather Deal for your Sophisticated Stroller!

Have you ever wondered how to keep your little one's feet warm in their stroller during the colder months??  Well, here is your answer!  Forget those stroller blankets that fall off or ride up, leaving your baby's tootsies to freeze.... instead, use the sophisticatedly ingenious footmuff by Silver Cross!  This footmuff fits in most strollers and does an excellent job of keeping your little one warm and cozy!  And, not to worry, once you get into a warm mall or store, you can unzip the front so your baby doesn't get too warm.  How ingenious is this product?!  The footmuff will look like this when placed on your stroller:

So, normally, you pay for this warmth and comfort (think $60!); however it is available on Shnoop for $8.50 (a savings of $51.50!)!!! A true sophisticatedly green sale! So, hurry over and orders yours today HERE!

*I have read reviews that this is an excellent option for babies up to 18 months; but that the length begins to become too short after that point. 

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