Monday, October 26, 2009

Sophisticated Sale at! is wishing everyone a Happy Halloween early by offering $25 restaurant gift certificates for the sophisticatedly green price of $2!  You know I am a HUGE fan of sales, so I wanted to share this one right away!  To take advantage of this early Halloween gift, just enter the code: TREATS at checkout.  Happy Halloween and Happy Savings!


Stephanie Faris said...

I keep looking for good certificates in my area but none of the good restaurants around here participate, unfortunately. It's the same with the Entertainment book. All the restaurants have been dropping out -- a friend who knew the person who used to run the Entertainment book here said it was because too many people tip based on the amount after the restaurants stop participating over time until there's nothing good left.

Katie said...

I can believe that, Stephanie! We have talked to some servers about how many people tip on the discounted check. I know a lot of the spending requirements to use a gift certificate have gone up around here; but luckily most restaurants are still participating. I hope your area starts participating, again, soon!