Thursday, October 8, 2009

Organic Skincare Sale

I love finding organic skincare products and TheFairest  has a sophisticatedly green skincare sale (think 60% off) on Exhale GRN products.  I love, love, love the mantra behind Exhale's brand!

Breath connects mind to body. As the principal life force of the human body, the breath is the center of our thoughts, our emotions and our physical prowess. Breathing shapes and molds our existence and helps to bring about the positive changes we see in ourselves.

We use the breath to mindfully live in the present moment and to journey through discomfort. We use the breath to surrender to a spa therapy, find balance in a yoga posture, sustain a challenging stretch and to quiet the mind. It is this understanding of the breath's powerful influence on and its role as the link between mind and body that led to the creation of exhale.

Like the breath, exhale is a path to transformation that is accessible on a daily basis. The exhale experience encompasses relaxation, wellness and fitness through yoga, Core Energy Flow®, Core Fusion®, spa therapies and healing modalities to enhance inner and outer wellbeing.

Just knowing that this is the idea behind their brand and their products relaxes and rejuvenates me!  On top of that beautiful brand mantra is a sophisticatedly green product.  Their GRN product line is organic and eco-friendly.  Exhale believes that organic skincare is like organic food.  They do not see a need to put chemically filled products on your skin when you have a more natural option.   One of the best deals in the sale is the Hydrating Serum and Green Exfoliator combination.

Both products are available for the sophisticatedly low price of $25!!  That is 60% off of the retail price!  So, if you are in the market for cleansing, organic skincare products, take advantage of this sophisticatedly green deal!  Click HERE to start shopping!

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