Monday, August 3, 2009

Another WAH Thought

With such a strong response to my previous findings on WAH opportunities, I thought I would try out a new opportunity I heard about on my local news. This prospect is something anyone can do as long as you are creative and you can write. I am talking about joining the eHow community and sharing your knowledge via writing. I have to admit, the first day I tried, I ran into technical problems with their site that left me wasting a good hour and half to two hours. Extremely frustrated; but not deterred, I went back to the site today and finally had success! I was able to publish two articles within an hour and a half. The secret... not including pictures in the instructions. For some reason, those pictures were leading to me losing all of my hard work. So, I recommend writing your articles in Word and copying them into the eHow format... it will save you a LOT of headache and time! So far, everyone who is part of the eHow community seems very nice and enthusiastic in helping me succeed. Have I received any payment, yet? Nope! But, I have heard real life success stories, so we shall see..... I will keep you all posted and I have added links to my articles in the right hand column of my blog. Good luck sophisticatedly green moms with this new prospect!

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