Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tutoring from Home

If you are looking to work from home part-time and have flexible hours, look into tutoring. Now is the time of year to establish yourself with a reputable online company. Two of the companies I mentioned previously are http://www.brainfuse.com/ and http://www.tutor.com/ . Both of these companies are legit and offer a variety of subjects, grade levels, standardized testing, and interview/resume assistance, so you are likely to find a few topics that fit your repertoire.

The first step to becoming an online tutor is simple - apply:) Once you have been accepted as a possible tutor, set aside time to take as many of the exams as you can. This will give you more options and more hours once you get started.

One of the keys to online tutoring is, not necessarily knowing the answers; but being able to find them quickly and easily. Being a good researcher is key! This will enable you to teach the students to find their own answers as you guide them through different articles. So, do not fret if you don't remember why World War I began - you are not expected to be Encyclopedia Britannica! But, if you can find an article on the reasons quickly, you are one step closer to being a good online tutor.

Becoming a popular online tutor (one requested by the students) takes time and good judgement. The time you spend watching your inbox to jump on open hours is consuming; but once you have a set schedule you are happy with, that time will pay off and you can focus solely on your permanent students. As far as good judgment, this can be a tricky line to walk. Students enjoy talking and getting a tutor's background or insight into personal issues. A good online tutor can quickly and smoothly re-direct the student back to the work at hand. Tutors are educators, not peers. But, be sure that you do not make the student feel embarrassed or put down for asking questions.

Lastly, realize that tutoring does follow a school schedule. Knowing this up front will allow you to anticipate slow times, closed days (holidays, spring and summer break), and fully maximize your hours during busy times (exams and beginning of the school year).

If you enjoy teaching and learning, then you will feel very rewarded after a night of tutoring. And, what a bonus.... the reward will be felt in your pocket, too! What a perfect job for the sophisticatedly green mom!

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