Thursday, July 30, 2009

How to save while shopping organic

Many sophisticatedly green moms choose to feed their family in the most "green" way - organic. This can pose one of the biggest money challenges for a green mom. You value the health and well being of your family, the well being and future of the environment; but you, also, value the green in your wallet! Here are some tips I have for shopping green, while keeping your green.

Organic product coupons are not found in the newspaper; but you can sign up for coupons to be mailed to you or you can print them out on your computer (usually requires you to sign up for their site... but, then, you always get their newest coupons). I have found that Whole Foods always accepts printed coupons. Some sites to look at for organic coupons are:

7th Generation (Target accepts these coupons, too!) for cleaning supplies:

ECover - cleaning supplies:

After the Fall - Juice:

Alexia Foods - frozen breads, appetizers, and side dishes:

Amy's Kitchen - delicious pizza, frozen meals, soups, etc...:

Annie's Naturals - wonderful assortment of salad dressings, marinades, sauces:

Annie's Homegrown - receive free giveaways:

Applegate Farms - meats:

Arrowhead Mills - whole grain and gluten free foods:

Attune - probiotic bars and yogurts:

Aura Cacia - aromatherapy products for all ages:

Bakery on Main - Gourmet naturals (sign up for a $1.50 coupon):

BioKleen - cleaning products:

Blue Diamond Almonds - coupons and contests:

Brown Cow - Yogurts:

Coleman Naturals - Meats (fill out survey to get $5 in coupons):

Corazona's Heart Healthy Chips - sign up for newsletter to receive coupons:

Crown Price - tuna, salmon, crabmeat (under Consumer Corner there are printable coupons, coupons mailed to you, a cookbook offer, and frequent buyer program):

Delicious Living - a grouping of different printable organic product coupons:

Dreamfields Pasta - $1 off coupon:

Earthbound Farms - produce (who ever heard of coupons for produce? This a great way to save! Complete the quiz and receive coupons and a pocket guide to organics in the mail):

Earth's Best Organics - baby food, formula, snacks:

Enjoy Life Foods - Gluten free and free of eight of the most common allergens! Cookies, snacks, granola, and bagels:

Food for Life - Ezekiel 4:9 breads:

Free Bird Chicken - antibiotic free chicken:

Garden of Eatin' - delicious chips (I highly recommend Chili and Lime flavor)! Sign up for the newsletters to receive coupons and promotions:

Genisoy - soy bars and soy crisps (coupons are usually found under the special offers section):

Gerber Tender Harvest - organic baby food (coupons, contests, and promotions):

Health Valley Organic - soups, bars, and cereals (sign up for the newsletters to receive coupons):

Health eSaver Printable Coupons:

Horizons - organic milk (click on coupons for the pop-up to sign up):

Hylands - homeopathic remedies:

Ians - frozen foods, snacks, breakfasts, and fries for kids (downloadable coupons):

Imagine foods - soups and broths:

Kahiki - frozen Asian entrees and appetizers:

Kashi - cereals, bars, crackers, cookies, etc... (sign up to receive coupons):

Knudsen - juices:

Lifeway Kefir - probiotic products (sign up to receive coupons):

Mambo Sprouts - printable and mailed to you organic coupons:

Maranatha - nut butter products:

Morningstar Farms - veggie burgers, veggie breakfasts, meatless hot dogs, etc... (sign up for the newsletter to receive coupons):

Muir Glen - tomato products (love this offer! Sign up for the tomato connoisseurs club to receive coupons including and immediate $1 coupon):

Napa Valley Naturals - sign up to receive money saving offers:

Nature Made - vitamins (sign up and receive a $3 coupon immediately!):

Nature's One Organic Baby Formula - for every 24 proofs of purchase, Nature's One will send you coupons for two free cans of formula!:

Odwalla - delicious drinks and bars! (sign up to receive coupons):

Organic Prarie - organic frozen meats (printable coupons):

Organic Valley - eggs, milk, cheese, butter, cream cheese, cottage cheese (printable coupons):

Pacific Naturals - entire line of organic products (sign up for the newsletter to receive continual coupons):

PJ Madisons - organic gelatto style ice cream (sign up and immediately receive printable coupon):

Rice Select - various rice (immediate $2 coupon!):

Rosetto - pastas (sign up for coupons):

Rudi's Organic Bakery - breads and bakery goods (sign up for continual coupons!):

San-J - sauces, spices (sign up to receive coupons):

Santa Cruz - Organic Juices (they offer coupons at different times, so always check back. I loaded up on the $.75 off coupons that are good until the end of 2009. When the juice is on sale at Whole Foods for $.99, I end up only paying $.24 a bottle! Can't beat that!):

Silk - soy milk (sign up for an immediate $.75 coupon):

SoyJoy - bars (sign up for the newsletter to receive coupons):

Stonyfield - yogurts, frozen yogurt, yogurt drinks (all delicious! My son and I LOVE the Cookies n Dream frozen yogurt!!)

The Natural Dentist - natural teeth cleaning products ($1 off printable coupon):

Turtle Island Foods - Tofurkey and other tofu foods (sign up for the newsletter to receive coupons and promotions. Plus there are many promotions listed under "Fun Stuff" on their site): - list of printable coupons:

Yogi - tea and cereal (Yogi offers free samples and if you sign up for the newsletter, you receive coupons):

Whew! I hope you enjoy the list of coupons I have compiled! And, the sophisticatedly green mom never leaves home without her reusable shopping bags. Most stores will take money off of your final bill for each bag you use. So, save the environment and money while looking sophisticatedly green by bringing your bags each time you shop!

Don't forget to pick-up Wholefoods publication, The Whole Deal, in stores. This publication offers tons of clipable coupons and great tips for money saving meals! Also, my WF store switches sales every Wednesday, so Tuesday evening, I go through their online circular to plan my meals for shopping in advance and to organize my coupons. Whole Foods and Trader Joe's offers excellent "store brand" options that cost less. Utilize these products and their low prices to save. Whole Foods offers specials such as their Happy Hour special, Fish Fridays, and Tasting Tuesdays. Going during those select times will send you home with a full stomach and it will help you keep the green in your wallet! Sign up for their newsletter, to receive extra savings in your email box and to learn when these great events are at your store: .

Enjoy your sophisticatedly green shopping!

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