Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tips for working from home

Today I thought I would share the insight I have learned from my LONG search for a reliable, consistent work-from-home opportunity. I really had no idea how or where to start when I began the search two years ago, this is until I was driving into work about 5 weeks before my due date. I consistently listened to abc on the radio (back before the digital switch) every morning. This particular morning, Good Morning America did a segment on legitimate work-from-home opportunities. Of course, as soon as I got into work, I looked up the online article. This is what I found:

Well, that got me thinking, "how could I make that a reality for myself and my family??". I started off to a slow start.... probably because the search started shortly after my son was born and he did not sleep for more than 3 hours at a time. But, I am proud to report that after 9 months of searching, I found a legitimate company who utilizes stay-at-home parents. The company is . It is a recruiting and placement company for telecommuting opportunities. This was a fantastic find and I enjoyed my time with the company. However, consistency was not an adjective I would use to describe this opportunity. So, for the stay-at-home parent looking for some fun work every once in a while, I would say this a perfect option.

The search began again and after a few more months and a lot more searching I found this article which recommended tutoring online as a legitimate and dependable opportunity. I, then, found a job opportunity on my favorite work-at-home job site,, for an opening at . This is a fabulous tutoring company who has contracts with various school districts and home schooling parents. This company tutors children and adults in various subjects from kindergarten level through college. They even tutor language, job search and resume writing, SAT testing, MCATs, LSATs, etc.... Basically, anything you think of, they tutor.

This worked out wonderfully for me! I took all of the exams and was soon approved as an English, Reading, SAT, History, Social Studies, and Writing Tutor for all levels. My dream of working from home, while caring for my family and taking care of my home had finally come to fruition! Shortly after I was approved, I was scheduled for 40 hours a week - it was out of control!!! Little did I know, though, this, 40 hours a week opportunity, was a short time frame. Tutoring follows a school schedule, so come May, things slowed drastically. However, I would still recommend it as an amazing opportunity for the work-at-home parent who loves teaching and learning and has time available in the afternoons and evenings to dedicate to tutoring. Another tutoring option from home is: .

Whew! This is a lot of information to give you all at once! I think I will close tonight with one thought. If you have a passion and you want to work from home, then you will find something that works for you. Do NOT give up and follow your gut instinct. There is something out there for you and if you don't find it out there, already, then create it! This is an ever-changing world and the appreciation for creativity, family, and necessity are there... put your talents to work and find/create something that works for you and your family. I know you can and I know you will!

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