Monday, September 14, 2009

Another Great WAH Resource

HomeWithTheKids is another great resource for work-at-home or hoping to work-at-home parents.  This site reviews various start-up business opportunities, companies who offer wah positions, direct sales positions, as well as general information and resources for the stay-at-home parent.  It is not easy to go from a career outside of the home or at least 8-9 hours in adult company, to your main companion(s) being under the age of 5.  Many parents struggle with this drastic social change and HomeWithTheKids offers options to make this switch easier on the adult who craves more "adult" time, wants to continue to stay in the workforce on a part-time basis, or just wants to "talk" about this new lifestyle with other wah/sah caregivers.  HomeWithTheKids is an excellent resource for the sophisticated sah/wah mom, so bookmark this site and check back often for the latest on parenting and working in the home! 

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