Friday, September 11, 2009

Old Navy Weekly

Well, ladies, it is that time, again..... the release of OldNavy coupons!  I posted about this last week and thought, I would follow-up with it today since the site is re-setting now. Now is the time to stalk the site for the latest, greatest, largest coupons!  Well, I don't want you to miss out on this event any longer!  So, here is the information to partake in this exciting savings spree!!
1)  The OldNavyWeekly site typically updates every Thursday evening/night.  Log on and refresh, refresh, refresh. 
2) Right before the new coupons are released, you will see a message stating that the site is refreshing and to continue to check back.  That is when you high-tail it to refreshing your browser every 5 seconds like stalker! haha!
3) As soon as the site does refresh for you, click, click, click!  Move items, move your curser, you can find BIG savings this way, ladies! 
There are weeks where Old Navy offers $65 off of $100 purchase; but there are other weeks where they go big time and offer $75 off a $100 purchase!!!  Along with these amazing savings coupons, there are others all over the site.... $45 off, 25% off, 50% off, etc...  So, ladies, save, save, save and hunt, hunt, hunt.  Come back and share your findings if you score one of the really sophisticatedly green coupons, so we can all share in the savings!
***The site is updating now!!!!

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