Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Greatest Green Mom Cosmetic Site!!

TheFairest is such a fun and exciting new site!!!  This site offers sample sales on different skin and cosmetic products for a drastically discounted price.  For example, I was just running out of my facewash, I went onto TheFairest and saw they were having a sale Jurlique products, I found facewash that normally retails for $40 for the sophisticatedly green price of..... $15!!!  On top of that great price, there are two different $10 off codes you can use (only one per checkout).  Use code: DLR10  or FairVital10.  All together, my bill came to $10.95 including shipping..... I am so, so excited to share such a sophisticatedly green site with you!  Happy shopping!!!

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