Thursday, August 27, 2009

BRU & TRU "Great Trade-in" Event

Sophisticatedly green moms, listen up!  Babies "Us" and Toys "R" Us are running the perfect "green" EVENT for expectant moms or for any mom who is done having kids and wants to save on baby shower gifts. 
From August 28th - September 20th, Babies "R" Us and Toys "R" Us are encouraging parents to bring in their used baby items (i.e. strollers, carseats, highchairs, cribs, travel systems, bassinets, pack n plays, etc...) in exchange for a 20% off coupon for each item.  The coupon can be used to purchase any new baby item of your choice.  So, if you are pregnant with your third child and some of your baby items are worn out or if you are just the mom who always wants the newest for their baby, this is the event for you!  Recycle with a reward of saving.... truly the perfect promotion for the sophisticatedly green mom!

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