Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Catalogue Got Me Thinking....

Last week, I received the new 2009 Ikea catalogue in the mail. I have only shopped at Ikea a handful of times; but this year's catalogue caught my eye with their stylish products and very green friendly prices! So, it got me thinking.... This is the perfect store for the sophisticatedly green mom! Upon reading the catalogue, I learned that, "IKEA works to ensure that products and materials are adapted to minimise any negative impact on the environment, and are safe for customers from a health perspective. As part of our business idea, we insist on keeping costs low and always try to use resources wisely when designing our products." Wow! Who knew?? And, to top it off, if you or your little one feels that rumbly in the tumbly after a long day of shopping, Ikea consistently offers low priced, organic meals on their menu. How perfect is that?! So, for a very budget friendly and green option for your home and family, check out Ikea's furniture, cabinetry, toy, and decorative options!

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