Thursday, May 13, 2010

Big Savings on Balance Bikes!

If you are looking for the perfect outdoor toy for your 2-5 year old, look no further!  Mama Bargains has Balance Bikes on sale, today, for a sophisticatedly green price!  These bikes are designed to teach your toddler/pre-schooler two VERY important things: Balance and Coordination.  Instead of teaching your little one to rely on training wheels, this bike allows them to safely find their own balance and gain a big sense of accomplishment while doing it!  If they feel like they are losing their balance, they can instinctively put their feet down and start over.  But, they will probably surprise you and learn to cruise down the sidewalk on their own, quickly!  This is a must have for summer and, today, Mama Bargains it is on sale for the sophisticatedly green price of $52!!  Normally, this bike retails for $120, so this is HUGE savings!

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