Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sophisticatedly Green Sale on Morris Organics Skin Care

One of my favorite sophisticatedly green sites, The Fairest, is having a major sale on a sophisticatedly green line of skin care products, Morris Organics Avocate.  This skin care line is made of 90-100% organic products and it is artifical fragrance free, color free, and paraben free.  When you buy Avocate products, you are purchasing the purest skin care for your own and your family's skin!

The scientifically studied active benefits of avocado, combined with the most expensive essential oils in the world: Avocate® SkinCare! It's unique ingredients help to re-build lost collagen while adding luminance to the skin. An exclusive formula that works with your skin’s own unique chemistry, it reverses the first sign of aging - loss of volume in the skin.

Right now, on The Fairest, you can purchase Morris Organics Avocate products for up to 61% Off!  That is a truly sophisticatedly green sale!

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