Monday, November 30, 2009

100 FREE Holiday Photo Cards!

Here is a fabulously sophisticated deal for every family who sends out holiday photo cards!  Today, you can order 100 holiday photo cards FREE!  Ok, are you ready to get started?  Here is what you do:

1.  Go to SeeHere and choose "Photo Cards"
2.  Choose the sophisticatedly stylish 4x6 or 5x7 photo card you are interested in
3.  Upload your perfect holiday photo for the card and choose a quantity of 50
4.  Use the checkout code: newbaby to receive those 50 cards for FREE

~ REPEAT steps 1-3
~ Use the checkout code: freebies4mom-1109 to receive the second set of 50 cards for FREE

As a bonus, if you are a new user at SeeHere , you will receive 100 FREE photos, too!!!  You will have to pay shipping on both offers; but they are truly sophisticatedly green deals!

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