Friday, July 31, 2009

Eating Out on the Cheap!

Eating out is such a treat .... no prepping for dinner by taking something out the night before, no long hours in the kitchen trying to concentrate AND entertain a 2 year old, and, the best part, no dishes... *sigh*. Haha! I think you get my point! As you can tell, eating out is a real treat for me; but, I hate the thought of seeing my husband's face when he gets the final bill. You know what look I'm talking about!

If you want to eat out and avoid the look, go to . This site offers $10-100 gift certificates for anywhere from 50-80% off! That means that during the 80% off sale (by the way, today is the last day for it! Use the code: NAPKIN), you can get a $25 gift certificate to your favorite restaurant for......$2!!! You have 1 year to use the gift certificate and you can print it immediately if you are going out to eat that night. There are various specials they run, so get on their mailing list. AND, if you are a Border's Rewards member, you can get even better deals! So, sign up now! Always read the criteria to use the gift certificate at your favorite restaurants. Some restaurants allow you to use a $25 certificate on a $35 bill, others require the bill to be $50. Either way, it is a great way to save!

If you need a break during the week, why not check out to find a restaurant near you that has a Kids Eat Free night?! I saw this site listed in the latest Parent's magazine and I thought it was the greatest idea! If you know of other restaurants in your area that offer a Kid's Eat Free night, contact that site to add it to their list. All of us other moms will thank you!

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