Sunday, October 10, 2010

Groupon Steals and Deals!

You know I love a good deal and what better way to save big, then by signing up for Groupon!  The idea behind this website is the power of numbers.  Basically, different businesses offer an amazing deal of the day, if enough people purchase the deal, then everyone gets it.  You can even customize your Groupon by city, age, and gender to get the most enticing Groupon deals for you.  Easy enough!  So, here are some great deals for the sophisticatedly green mom...

First, if you love to shop from the comfort of your home instead of chasing your little ones around the store, you will love this new site: .  You can buy cleaning supplies, toiletries, make-up, vitamins, and, best of all, they have an entire 'Naturals and Organics' section!  So, here is the deal, Groupon is offering a $20 credit to for the sophisticatedly green price of $10!  As a bonus, this includes 1-2 day shipping!  Can't beat that!  To take advantage of this deal, either sign-in or sign up.  Then, go to the Groupon page to order your $20 credit.  Hurry, it ends today, October 10th.  (Thanks, Real Moms Real Views) To save a little extra, try the coupon code: LOVE to save 20% off of your first purchase (must be a new customer) AND receive $5 towards your next order!

Ok, sophisticatedly green moms, this one is for you! is participating in Groupon with a $25 credit for $10 deal!  This site is family owned and compiles all of your favorite natural and organic products all in one place!  This will end up being one of your sophisticatedly green sites!  So, to participate in this deal, sign up or sign-in to .  Then, go to the Truly Pure and Natural Groupon deal to purchase the savings.  This deal ends today, October 10th.  Happy Shopping!

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