Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One-Stop Shopping and Great Kidkraft Deals!

CSN Stores

Speaking of last minute shopping, I am always on the lookout for sites that carry everything I could possibly need at the best prices.  It saves time and money!  Can't beat that when you are a busy, sophisticatedly green mom!  So, I wanted to recommend a site that sells everything from cooking gadgets to briefcases, furniture to toys.... and tons of eco-friendly items!  CSN Stores is a great site for your one-stop shopping.  I am going to be doing a review on their service and one of their products soon.... stay tuned!  And, until then, head on over to CSN Stores to finish your Christmas shopping! 

Here are some sophisticatedly green deals at CSN Stores. Today, this Kidkraft Kitchen is 50% Off!

Pink Retro Kitchen on Sale! 

And, for the train fanatic, the Kidkraft Train Table is $100 Off!

Happy shopping and stay tuned for an exciting review!

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