Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30% Off the Sophisticatedly Stylish Bebe au Lait Reversible Double Bibs!

Bebe au Lait has patented the most ingenious bibs... they are double sided and reversible, so 4 bibs in 1!  That means if your little one is a messy eater, no worries, just take the bib apart and quickly and cleanly put it back together so a fresh side is exposed.  Less mess, less laundry, and less baths!  Plus, the double sided magnets secure the bib around your baby's chest without the hassle and rough edges of velcro!  What is not to love about this bib?! 

 So, are you intrigued?  If so, today and tomorrow, Bebe au Lait is giving you 30% Off if you order two of these sophisticatedly green bibs!  Just use the promo code: BIBDEAL .  And, if you spend $100, you, also receive Free Shipping!  Happy Shopping!

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