Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome Back & Reminder - 1 Yr Membership to My Parent Rewards Giveaway!

I hope everyone enjoyed their long holiday weekend!  The weather was beautiful; but most of our weekend was spent getting things done around the house and in the nursery.  Not exactly relaxing; but what a great feeling of accomplishment!  Well, back to reality, today...

As a reality reminder, don't forget to enter the My Parent Rewards Member Giveaway.  It is a no brainer!  Just leave your name and email address and you could win a membership!  How easy is that??  Then, you can up your sophisticatedly green status as a super saver!  Click HERE to enter. 

So, what did you do with your extra long, extra beautiful weekend??  I hope you were able to enjoy the fabulous weather!

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